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      FDF FluidPowerZone

      Adjuastable Fluid Resistance Cardio and Concentric Strength Machines

      Adjuastable Fluid Resistance
      Cardio and Concentric Strength Machines

      FluidPowerZone is a range of fluid resistance fitness machines, designed for training in any Zone – Cardio, Power, Strength or Speed. Our patented Twin Tank system delivers 10 levels of fluid, concentric only resistance that will accommodate all levels and abilities, from general fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes and provides a perfect platform for rehabilitation/medical applications.

      The Power of each and every stroke is measured to make sure you stay in your Power Zone. You set the fluid resistance, you determine the speed of training, you control your range of motion and you monitor your Power output to take complete control of your workout.

      The high level of innovation and the meticulous attention to the biomechanics and manufacture of each machine, coupled to our unique patented Twin Tank system means that FluidPowerZone machines can provide great variety and training options for all your members, patrons, guests or personnel.

      FluidPowerZone machines can be used individually, or by combining multiple machines to make up unique classes or fitness circuits. There’s no limit to the training options FluidPowerZone can deliver.


      All Stocks Available in Australia

      Note : Price on Application